First Post…. of August

Well, this is my first post to my new blog.  Whatever happens I don’t want to set the bar too high as to what to expect from my blog entries.  This is a place for me to work out my thoughts, bits, ideas, and keeping those interested up to date with what is going on.

Last Wed I did the open mic at Loony Bin Tulsa again.  Great audience, they were definately there to laugh.  The headliner Mike Merryfield was good, but the Feature Sid Davis was unbelievable.  An extremely funny man, with a machine gun like delivery, and better callbacks that I have seen in a while.  The video is posted thanks to WolfHall Studios. 

The set I did was what I consider to be my “squeaky clean” set.  I wanted to get it on video because there is a real opportunity comming up, which if it works out would add a SERIOUS line to my comdey resume.  More info to come if it works out.

I have added to the calendar 2 new appearances.  Aug 13th at the Spotlight theater where I will be doing the Olio, as I often do.  And Sept 16th, which is a private luncheon gig.  Got to write some lawyer jokes for that one (like that should be hard…)

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