A Drive Down the Road

CR Parsons
CR Parsons

Not every week can be a trip across the country… unless you drive cross country for a living…

The last couple of weeks haven’t had me across the country, but they have been interesting.  A couple of weeks ago I did a week at the Loony Bin in OKC.  I love that club!  The owners are great people and have been so good to me since I started traveling for comedy.  And, knocking on wood constantly, I logo_200_ybihave yet to work with a Headliner that was a diva.  This trip I got to share the stage again with Matt Golightly, who writes for “Fluffy” Gabriel Iglesias. 2015-11-23 20.01.33 The headliner for the week I hadn’t worked with before, but knew him from all his TV appearances (BET, HBO, Bad Boys of Comedy), Tony Tone.

Both of those guys were so gracious to me, and were great to work with.

2015-11-18 11.24.54Scared the wife half to death the other night.  I was watching @Midnight on Comedy Central when all of a sudden I hear Chris Hardwick SAY MY NAME!!!!  If you are not familiar with @Midnight, it is an improv’ed comedy game show.  One of their features is the hashtag (#) war.  Each night they throw out something that is usually a combination of disparate items such as #RuinAChristmasCarol, or #WorseStarWars.  You play by posting responses to Twitter using the #.  Each day they select one as the Tweet of the Day.  So Tues night I hear Chris call my name and see my tweet up on the screen, and I say, out loud, “Oh My GOD!”  My wife sits straight up in bed asking what’s wrong, cause it’s almost 1am… I had to apologize alot for that.   If you would like to see it happen in the show follow this link (warning adult material, if you want to avoid it start at 9:35)

@Midnight Nov. 17, 2015

This last week saw the return of Open Mic to the Loony Bin Tulsa.  I wasn’t part of the inaugural group of comics, but several friends were, and did a great job.  I will be there again on Dec. 2nd, which will be the first time I have played the Tulsa Bin in a while (something which I’m trying to remedy soon.)  If you are in Tulsa and want to come to the Dec. 2nd show message me on FB and I’ll get you a discount.


Got to do comedy from the center of a Wrastlin Ring.  Yes, you read that right, there is Greco Roman Wrestling… this was not mick-foley-wwe-mankind-sock-on-hand-autographed-photo-hand-signed-collectablethat… this was a Wrastlin Ring.  Big thanks to Bazar Comedy for having me out for the night.  I found an audience who understood when I said I look like Mankind.  NO, not that chart, where most people think I’m toward the early stages of evolution.
Mankind the Wrastler.

maggie-grace-95105Crossing my fingers I don’t end up on the cutting room floor.  Yep.  I got booked to be an extra in a feature film.  Thursday night I sat around for hours for a few minutes of shooting, as movies are want to do. 03weaver_1 Don’t know if I can mention the film by name.  I know it was a closed set so I couldn’t get pics.  But I can say it starred Maggie Grace, Mark Webber, Will Patton and more.  Look for it in 2016…

2015-11-21 14.01.03This last weekend was a good one.  I got to attend a seminar by comedian Dante.  No, not the one with the circles of Hell… the one that has been doing comedy since he was 14 years old, who is on a first name basis with EVERY comic that was through the Comedy Store through the 80’s, 90’s up to today.  It was his seminar last year that gave me the push to really start working out of town.  Was great to get a follow-up and refresher.

Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers at Saint RockeThen to top off an otherwise great weekend… it got better with tickets to see Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers at the Venue Shrine.  Exact same location I saw them about 10 years ago, and I can say, they just get better with age.

This week should be pretty quiet.  Thanksgiving and all.  Happy Holidays, and don’t kill anyone on Black Friday!2390E7EB00000578-2852585-Scrum_down_Customers_push_each_other_out_of_the_way_as_the_crowd-72_1417213372623



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