And boy are my arms tired….

It has been a busy comedy week for me.  And I feel a little bit like I copped out tonight because I turned down an opportunity to do another open mic.

But, in my defense Tues night I played the Gypsy Coffee House open mic again.  Yes, this is the same room I mentioned last week.  However this week was substantially better.  One reason was because I knew what to expect from the audience, and thus I was paying much more attention to the small reactions that indicated a much deeper humor response.  The second reason it was better was because, unlike last week, this week I had my comedy compatriots Jeff and Shelia there and going up as well.

Then less than 24 hrs later I again competed in the Loony Bin Tulsa’s comedy competition, where I again came in 2nd.  I have decided I am just not meant to win that competition.  I have competed 4 or 5 different times, and EVERY time I have ended up in a runoff.  Last night was no exception.  After the 3rd round of voting to determine who won, it was determined that the other comedian edged me out.  (As a funny side note, the comedian that edged me out this week is the gentleman whom I completely copped my “look” from.  He always did the jeans, t-shirt, sport jacket, and chucks look, which I have always liked.  So I took that on as my comedy stage image, so it looked funny with both of us up there wearing very similar outfits.)

Then, following the Loony Bin appearance I headed into downtown Tulsa’s historic Brady Arts District.  There is a roving open mic event called “Open Mic Tulsa” that was at an old club named the Crystal Pistol.  A cool note, for music or radio history buffs, the Crystal Pistol is next door to Cain’s Ballroom, home of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys radio program, and was one of the few locations the Sex Pistols played on their only US tour.

To say the audience at the Crystal Pistol was small would be a criminal understatement.  Fortunately we had the couple that performed before us, and the gentleman who was going up after us there, considering they made up truly 1/2 the audience.  However, I have to say that even though the audience was small, they were very connected to the performance, and were very responsive.  Shelia did just over 10 min, and did a great job of getting comfortable with the audience and being more like her offstage self, which is very funny.  Then I was able to do aprox 15 min, which included a great deal of either new, or recently revised material.  It was enthralling.

6mo ago I would have told you that Tulsa may have 2 or 3 open mic venues.  Now, I know better.  This afternoon I learned of yet another open mic opportunity, at the Osage Casino here.  That is the opportunity I decided not to take up this evening.  However, now as I sit at home typing, I am regretting that decision, just because I am missing the laughter.

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