And it Begins Again…

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That is right, it is yet again another new year.  Time to reflect on the year gone by, and look forward to the year to come.

This last year has been a whirlwind of activity in all my worlds, professional and comedic.  I have managed to effectively move my comedy into a more professional realm.  Hopefully, while my professional life has combined with my comedic life, I still hope it hasn’t made my lawyering a joke.  I did not set specific goals for 2013, probably because this time last year was a particularly busy time and I just didn’t stop long enough to reflect and review.  That is not a mistake I will make this year.

2013 saw me honing my short set to a place where I would be comfortable doing it in front of about any crowd, regardless of race, sex, or political leanings.  I spent much of the year studying comedy, more so than working on my own.  Doesn’t mean I wasn’t writing, or performing, but that was secondary to my study.   The year was not without it’s comic highlights; my finals in the Tulsa’s Funniest Person contest being one.  Secondly I have done two commercial shoots this year.  A bout with the improv monster, a love that both thrills me, pushes me forward in my performance, and scares me because I am NO ACTOR, I’ve met actors and I just don’t have whatever it is that they have.  Comedy and law collided in a couple of ways this year, both in performing at some luncheons, and teaching a CLE.

On a personal level, this year saw the fulfillment of a dream, to visit Disney World.  Would have liked to do it with a full blood supply, but we can’t have everything (see a previous post to understand.)  The yang to which was that I saw my father-in-law take his last breath after a LONG fight with rheumatoid arthritis and dementia.  My house is still the personification of Grand Central Station as my mother-in-law continues to live with us, along with my son, his fiancee, and their kids, my grandsons.  But that is good because all that family provides me with more material than I could imagine.

I’m not going to mention names, because I would forget too many and might hurt a feeling or two if I did.  But suffice it to say that there are a lot of people to thank for the year including teachers, professionals, comics, bookers, etc…  The one person I will mention by name is that I would like to thank my wife Tammy.  She is a collaborator in every sense of the word, from comedy co-writer, to holding down the fort through thick and thin so I can indulge this passion.  She is more understanding than she should be, and more motivational than she knows.

Now on to 2014!!!

First let me say that I don’t believe in new years resolutions.  I think they just set you up for failure…  I’m gonna exercise every day, then when you miss a day or two you just quit.  Whereas, if I just set goals, to exercise MORE than last year…

The year has started on a high note.  One of my goals for a couple of years now was accomplished just last week.  I booked my first week as an Emcee for the local comedy club, The Loony Bin.  So with that accomplished within the first 2 days of 2014, I guess it is time to set some new goals.  Realistic goal, book 3 professional clubs beyond what is booked.  Dream goal, find a headliner that likes my stuff and get 10+ weeks of work as Emcee with them.  Sheila and I have already been asked to teach our CLE again, so I guess my goal there would be to develop one or two more CLE’s and begin doing them around Oklahoma.  I would like to get paid for them, but CLE credits would be enough to call it paid gigs.  Another goal for the year would be to develop a character that can be used on the radio, and talk a couple of stations into letting me on the air.  Don’t fully understand the process for that, but having worked in the medium before, it sounds like fun, and a great marketing ploy.  As lawyer goals go, my goals are pretty simple, increase income such that it allows me to indulge my passion for comedy.  Oh, and to be able to schedule my case work so I can take off Thurs’ and Fri’s to go do comedy… or teach CLEs.

Since I’m sharing, or over-sharing as I often do, I have some personal goals as well.  First is to be healthier, which may mean being a bit disagreeable with my Dr.’s decisions for me.  I would like to go through a fall season without a REQUIRED hospital visit.  More exercise, which should not be a difficult goal, because if I exercise all this week I can chalk that up to accomplished.  Yeah, I’m exercise lazy.  Another personal goal is to see as much of this year fast-food free as possible.  I have decided if it is going in my mouth it needs to be of higher quality than fast food… because I’m worth it!

Thank you all who have supported my comedy, lawyering, or just me in some way this past year.  I hope to give you my joy in return this year.  Oh, and can I enlist you to help…  If you know of comedy clubs in your area, and would like to see me there, send me the name and I will see if I can get there, nowhere is too far…  And if you have a Bar Association you would like to see me do a CLE at let me know that too.  My career depends on my connections and you all help with that and for that I am eternally greatful.


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Tonight – Michael Jordan Dunn’s good-by Roast

Jan 21 – Iron Horse, Oologah OK

Jan 24 – Comedy Parlor, Tulsa OK  —  Family Show, All Ages

Feb 5-8 – The Loony Bin Tulsa – Emcee

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