And Time… Goes By


Let me start by saying thank you to my fan that has stuck with me through this absence of posts. I would love to say that I am going to start posting regularly, and getting everything calendared on this site… but who are we kidding. I get busy and forget to get things posted. Heck, half the time I can barely stop long enough to get things posted on Facebook (which if you haven’t already, you should friend me https://www.facebook.com/clint.r.parsons).

All that is to say, things are NOT standing still. Over the last few months I have played venues in a couple of different states. Managed to do a set in front of the more conservative side of my family and did so without having anyone disown me (which is more than I can say for when I became an attorney.)

The next few months may be even more eventful. I won an initial round in the Tulsa’s Funniest Person contest at the Tulsa Loony Bin. So I will be competing in the semi-finals in Oct and if things go well the finals in Nov. Local comedian Billy Bazar keeps adding to his list of venue’s, along with Kenzilla’s productions. Those have kept me overly busy these last few months, and have allowed me to hone a good 20-30min of quality material.

The challenge of creating quality material continues, as my professional life is colliding with my comedy. In December of this year I, along with fellow comedian/attorney Sheila Naifeh will be presenting our first Comedy Ethics CLE entitled “How to loose your law license in 10 easy steps.” But before that I have been asked to present entertainment for a fundraiser for Dry Bones Denver, an organization assisting homeless youth, on who’s board I sit.  Speaking of colliding lives, I got a mention recently in an article by Criminal Justice School Info.com.  (Link:  http://criminaljusticeschoolinfo.com/legal-justice-news/2013/09/criminal-justice-professionals-moonlighting-as-comedians-22913/)

This week…

The Shrine 18th & Boston Sunday 9/29

Loony Bin Tulsa 8p Wed 10/2  (Call for reservations 918.392.JOKE mention me for free tix to this show.)


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