Back to School – And the Stage


Greetings readers (Mom and a few family members…)

This last week or so has been a bit of a blur.  Four states, nine stages, and many miles traveled in the last 14 days.  And it doesn’t slow down from here.  It was family reunion time in Oxford MS, so I knew a lengthy trip was in the cards.  But to make maximum use of it I decided to take the week and hit some stages I hadn’t done before.

First let me say, I have an awesome family in Mississippi and the area.  We have an annual family reunion, which I think if we decided to do it two or three times a year, everybody would still show up.  I have a family that likes each other (that’s not very useful for comedy, but what can you do.  You don’t get to pick your family.)

Since I was going that far I decided to take some time as I came back home.  Hit Memphis on Sunday night and thanks to fellow comedians Poochie and Ambrose Jones I found an open mic at Newby’s.  Had a blast doing 5 min there, and met some great new comic cohorts.

Moving on to Little Rock, I was back onstage on Tues.  Again, thanks to fellow comedians RayDO, Seth Dees, etc I found a wonderful stage Tues night.  The Comedy Theater in North Little Rock is a rocking room with a great audience.  Had a blast doing some time there as well.

Knowing that I was going to be in Little Rock, of course I contacted my home club’s sister club Loony Bin Little Rock.  I was there for open mic, but ended up getting to host the open mic portion of the show.  They are a great room with awesome people, specifically Jim and Shane made me feel right at home.

Back home it was time for the CR Parsons Variety Hour again…  Alot of stages, alot of time, ALL greatly appreciated.  A special thanks to everyone that came out to hear me.

This next couple of weeks does not slow down at all…  I’m HOSTING THE LOONY BIN again!!! Yay!!!  That was the call that greeted me when I returned home.  Yes, another week of work.  Now if I could only get that at the other three clubs too (hint, hint, if you want to see me in OKC, Little Rock, or Wichita ask for me by name and give them my contact info.)

Upcoming shows:

Tues 5th – VFW Centennial Lounge 8p

Wed 6th – Loony Bin Tulsa 8p  (918.392.JOKE for reservations)

Thurs 7th – Loony Bin Tulsa 8p (2 Buck Chuckle $2 admission $2 Domestics with Reservations)

Fri 8th – Loony Bin Tulsa 7:30p & 10p

Sat 9th – Loony Bin Tulsa 7:30p & 10p

SAVE THE DATE:  Sunday 17th – Hosting the Dan Fritschie CD Recording show…  Loony Bin Tulsa 8p

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