Bikes, Blues, and BBQ here I come….

It’s that time of year…. when HALF A MILLION people with motorcycles show up in Fayetteville Arkansas for Bikes, Blues and BBQ, or as my wife snidely calls it Bikes, Boobs, and BBQ.  This has become an anual trek for me, and a nice little vacation in the woods.  See I camp out (RV… I’m not uncivilized,) at a nice little site just the Oklahoma side of Siloam Springs Arkansas.  Usually take off a few days early just to relax before the events of BBBQ.

But this year I will be on the scout for new material while attending.  Namely because as soon as I return home it is time to hit the stage again for Comedy Survivor at the Loony Bin Tulsa.  For those not familiar with the Comedy Survivor format; eight comics get up and do a 6min set.  Then the audience votes half the comedians off the island, leaving four.  Those four then pull a topic out of a hat and then must do a 2min rant.  The audience then votes half again off, leaving only 2 comics who then go head to head for another 7min set, winner take all.

The last time I took the stage at Comedy Survivor, I survived into the second round.  I loved the format and told the comic who puts the show together that I would love to have another invite.  So I got one, Tuesday Oct 4th at 8pm.  Tickets are $10 with reservations (918-392-JOKE) or $12 at the door.  Be sure to tell them I sent you when you call.

Woodystock was this last weekend, and I’m not even sure I got it on my calendar before it arrived.  An awesome night of live music, good food, and cold beer.  This is an event that benefits a private scholarship for Sapulpla Oklahoma high school students.  One of my comic friends is on the board of the scholarship.  I was asked to do a few minutes of stand-up during that blank time between bands.  Did about 7min.  The event was outdoors, and the stage lights were SO bright I couldn’t even see the first row of people, much less the rest of the crowd.  There were probably 200+ people there, and I got pretty good response considering I was competing with nature for attention. 

Till next time, quoting Travis Tritt:  “I might just get me a new tattoo, or take my old Harley for a 3 day cruise…”

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