February Makes Me Shiver…

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Hello my loyal readers (a.k.a my mother)

Yesterday brought snow once again here it Tulsa.  Not a lot of snow, but enough to make people idiots on the road, and enough that schools thought it best to give the kids and themselves the day off.  This wouldn’t be a big deal other than we are expecting another round or two during the week.  I finally get a week of emceeing at my home club and the weather stands to disrupt and cause small audiences.  But the show must go on, and it will.

I know I have been promising some new video for a long time now, but today I deliver.  I have posted two new video’s on the video/audio page, linked above.  Both are recent shows.  The finals from the Tulsa’s Funniest Person competition, in which I came in third, is one of the video’s.  I don’t often get to do more than 5 min so it was good to have a full 8 to work with.  Then the second video is an open mic show just recently where I tried out some brand new material.  Please feel free to share them liberally.

I’ve had several great shows recently, both great because I did well, and great because they were great audiences or venues.  Lost Beach in Ft. Smith is an awesome venue, with an amazing, if rowdy, audience.  The same cannot be said of the audience at the Iron Horse Saloon.  However, to be fair to them, they were just carrying on a pool tournament with all of their friends, drinking and making a scene of themselves, when somebody put a comedy show on in the room.  Actually, when I got their attention, they were actually a pretty good audience, it just took a bit.

On a personal note, I am considering applying for the world series of comedy and doing their satellite show in San Antonio as well.  I’m a bit nervous submitting something to them, as it is a review and critique of my ability… This past month I have been attempting to make some changes, not resolutions, just systematic small changes that I hope will become habits, so I can make additional small changes to change other habits.  This past month one of the changes has been no fast food.  What is “fast food” is harder to determine now than it used to be, but basically nothing that has a drive-through where you go to the counter and order.  It has been a full month of no fast food.  That is huge for me.  The other changes have nothing to do with physical health, more mental.  I love the process of journaling, but I often don’t have, or take the time.  It has been a good month, I’ve missed some days, but…  The last change, and this one has been great for me, is that I am to write something comedic EVERY DAY.  Yes, most of it will be crap, but I’ve already got some new usable material from it.

Time to get to practicing.  This week I get 15 min at 5 shows, which is more stage time than I often get in months at 5 min open mics.

This week:

Tulsa Loony Bin 4th-8th – call 918.392.JOKE for reservations

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