For those about to ROCK….

I know it is late notice… but I just learned…

I AM OPENING FOR A ROCK BAND!!!!  And I cannot tell you how excited I am to do so.  This Saturday night I, Shelia Naife, and Stevieboy are the opening act for a regional band named FREAKJUICE.  If you are not from around here, and haven’t had the Juice experience, think Rage Against the Machine with a bit more funk.

Place:  Bobbiesox Tulsa (8181 E Skelly Dr)

Time:  Come at 8:30 for drinks show starts at 9:30

Needless to say, I am beside myself and am writing some material just for this show.  Probably the closest I will ever be to being a rock star, getting to open, on a real stage, for rock stars.

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