Hangin with B.T.

This week B.T. is playing the Loony Bin Tulsa.  For those who don’t know who B.T. is, he is an Okie from Muskogee who got the heck out of there as soon as he could.  One of the best new black comedians, I think because he grew up with that mid-west sensibility, while maintaining that HUGE personality.

I wasn’t on the lineup for open mic last night, but I did draw for this upcomming week.  (p.s. I’m up 5th)  So I stayed for the sets and was again blown away.  B.T. is one of the comics I found on Netflix when I first started looking at doing this earlier this year.  I must have watched his special a dozen times studying his timing, joke structure, and style.

Now I have to tell one on B.T.  The feature comic was a large white guy, who was very funny, named Darryl.  But at the end of B.T.’s set he was talking about Darryl’s products for sale, and he looked back toward the corner I was sitting and said “isn’t that right Darryl.”  Then he stood there for a moment and said it again, when he went to say it a third time the whole room was looking at me, and suddenly I realized he thought I was Darryl.  He was embarrassed for the mistake, of course the only thing I could think was, yeah – all us fat white guys look alike.

After the show several of us comedians hung out both at the club and across at a nearby resturant.  It was awesome being “in” with the pro’s.

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