Happy New Year…

Welcome to 2012, the year the Mayan calender ran out of space…

The year has started GREAT for the Loony Lawyer!  I had my first show of 2012 at the Loony Bin here in Tulsa.  Got some new video posted over on the video page for you all to view, share, and comment on.

If you read my last post, you saw that one of my goals for 2012 was to have 12 actual paid professional gigs.  Well, so far so good.  I just got booked this week for a show on Feb 18th here in Tulsa opening for a very funny headliner Cheril Vendetti.  I don’t have all the show details yet, but I will be updating my calendar as those details become available.  What I know for now is that it is 2/18 at the 209 Club downtown Tulsa (next door to the Brady Theater.)

And, I hope to be able to tell you soon to put on your calendar a trip to Vegas in September to see me at the World Series of Comedy.  I am applying, and will likely be competing in one or two of the satelite contests as well.  I will keep all of you up to date as best I can on those as well.  Either way, I plan on going to Vegas in Septemeber to watch, if not compete.


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