Happy Non-Leap Year

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So long and thanks for all the fishes February…

As we end this February I would like to wish Antonio Sabato Jr. and Ja Rule a Happy Non-Birthday.  They were both born on Leap Day.  And I just don’t get why we call it leap day, or leap year for that matter, because that year the 29th EXISTS!!!!  Shouldn’t we be calling the other 3 years leap year because we just leap right over that last day February and get right on into March.

SOOO much to update you guys on!!!  My week at the Loony Bin went extremely well.  We did have some weather, but not enough to keep people from coming out.  Friday shows were fairly full, but Sat crowds blew me away.  Sold out shows!  And I got to work and hang out with two awesome comedians, Jake Baker and T-Rexx both out of L.A.  I have been informed that the club definitely wants me back again as Emcee.  A big shout out to my niece Rory for coming and bringing all her Jiffy Lube tribe.  They were a great audience.

Yeah, if comedy wasn’t an addiction prior to that week, it is a full blown problem now.  Luckily I got up again at the Bin the next week, along with some other venues.  Gave me a bump to get me through to my next comedy hit.  I expect at any time now we will be having an impromptu family reunion in my living room where everyone tells me how much they love me but they think I have a problem.

I have another opportunity coming up to do a set of “squeaky clean” comedy.  Now most comics will tell you that my set is clean compared to most.  I would call it solid PG-13, but to a comic that is CLEAN.  This particular show is a FAMILY FRIENDLY show, so not just clean, but squeaky clean.  So I get to pull out the church jokes.  I just wrote one that I can’t wait to try, so I’m gonna try it on yall…

“I love that there is a Bible app for my tablet…  Because now when I’m playing Candy Crush at church, everybody just thinks I’m following along.  That works right up til the preacher says “Mr Parsons why don’t you read that next verse for us.”  But I’m quick…  Yea though I walk through the Gingerbread Gantry, I will fear no chocolate for thou art with me.  Thy stripes and thy gummies they comfort me.  Thou anointest my games with unlocks.  My points runneth over.  Thou prepareist an episode before me in the presence of my Facebook friends.  Shirly, Gary, and Marcy shall follow me all the days I have lives, but I shall dwell in the 212th level for ever and ever.  Come on man…  Oh and if you aren’t familiar with that translation it comes from the original King Games Version.”

And now for the BIG NEWS…  I entered the World Series of Comedy this year.  It is a contest for comedians who are looking to get work at the Feature level.  While I know I am not really there yet, I thought it would be a good practice, and I would likely get some good professional feedback from those who book comedians.  The final rounds are in Las Vegas in September, but to make it there I need to do well at a regional Satellite.  The first hurdle is to be selected for a satellite, for which they only take the top 40 submissions.  I was selected for the wildcard round in San Antonio TX the 19-22 of March.  Because I was a wildcard selection, it means I would have to win my way to the Satellite finals.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!  I will keep yall updated on my progress, but I am thrilled to be in the top 40.

A good deal of stage time coming up over the next week or so, both as a comedian and as a variety show host.  Here is where you can see me soon, if you are in the area:

Squeaky Clean Comedy Show  –  The Comedy Parlor 1st & Elgin,  Saturday March 1,  7:30p

Comedy Night at the Lucky 13  –   The Lucky 13 Tavern 31st & Sheridan,  Sunday March 2,  9p

Open Mic Night  –  The Tulsa Loony Bin  68th & Memorial,  Wed March 5, 8p

T-Town Variety Hour  –  The Comedy Parlor 1st & Elgin,  Saturday March 8, 9:30p


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