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Home again, Home again, Lickity Split.  Home again, home again, didn’t win….. a trophy.

For those of you keeping score…  I did not win the World Series of Comedy Satellite
in San Antonio.  And for good reason, the competition was AMAZING!

2014-03-30 13.02.45

A hearty congratulations to Jon Stringer, who put on the performance of the weekend, over and over.  If he performs anywhere near you, move heaven and earth go get there.  Additional congrats to the other finalists Vinnie Montez and Larry Garza.  Also a shout out to my friend and comedic colleague Dan Fritschie who competed nobly.   It’s not my name up in lights, but it is nice to see my name on a t-shirt I didn’t have produced.  All in all, it was a great trip, and a nice weekend away.  Got to meet some wonderful comics and trade interesting stories.
2014-03-17 20.07.10In addition to the new cards and t-shirt from my last post, I have also procured some “Neurotypicals are Boring” wristbands.  If you would like one they are $2 each or 3 for $5.  However, for a moment I am offering them up FREE.  For the next 20 people who sign in on this page, below AND follow me on Facebook or Twitter, linked above, I will send you 2 wristbands.  One for you, and one to give away.

April looks to be a very busy month for me around here.  I have a long list of performances coming up, listed below.  In a not exactly comedy, but more Hosting vein, I have begun to do my own local variety show at the Comedy Parlor downtown Tulsa on a monthly basis.  It is interesting what talents live in and around Tulsa.  So far we have booked, musicians, comedians, storytellers, dog acts, juggling acts, burlesque, knife throwing, and whip acts.  And I’m the Jimmy Fallon of the show, only not as talented, or well known.

As I have stated before, if you are in the Tulsa area you can find me at the following shows.  (Need more information just ask.)  If you are outside the Tulsa area please let me know of any performance opportunities in your area, be them comedy clubs, individual shows, or just hosting of events, and I will gladly come to you.

4/3     Deal With It – Unscripted Comedy at its Best/Worst  –  Bamboo Lounge, Tulsa

4/5     CR Parsons Variety Show  –  Comedy Parlor, Tulsa

4/10   Comedy at the Undercurrent  –  Undercurrent Bar, Tulsa

4/14   Comedy at the Shrine  –  Shrine Auditorium, Tulsa

4/18   Kenzilla’s Comedy Lab  –  Hibiscus Bar & Grill, Tulsa

4/27   Woody’s Comedy Night  –  Woody’s Bar, Tulsa

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