I didn’t mean that kind of Rock and Roll…..


I posted last week that I was going to get to open for a Rock band… Little did I know, that statement apparently caused such a ruckus that the earth shook.  The show went well, but more about that further down…

EARTHQUAKE!!!  In Oklahoma we are no strangers to unusual weather events.  We seem to be located just where the hot summer jet stream flows north of us, so we get 100+ days, and where the cold winter jet stream flows just below us so we get sub-zero temps as well.  However, this past weekend we experienced a REAL earthquake (5.6 for those who really want to know.)

Saturday morning at 2ish AM there was a shaker that measured 4.7 located about 100 miles from here.  That one didn’t even wake me.  But needless to say, this being Oklahoma and not California, everybody was abuzz about the quake.  I was irritated that I missed it.  But that irritation was soon to come to an end.

As I told you in my last post, I was opening for a rock band Saturday.  I was one of several comedians that night.  My set went well, based on the response I recieved, and I had just left the stage after introducing another comedian.  A fan had leaned over the back of my barstool to speak.  He had his hand on the back of my chair and I thought it was odd that he kept shaking it like he was nervous.  It wasn’t until he turned to leave that I realized it wasn’t him shaking the chair.  It was the 5.6 quake from the same location 100 miles away that was shaking the chair.  The shaking went on for about a minute, but seemed much longer.

Following 2 big shakers (and about 30 small ones,) I have about decided to print up a T-shirt for us Okies, saying:

2011 Pre-Pocolypse Oklahoma  

  • Blizzard – Check
  • Record Low Temps  – Check
  • FE5 Tornados – Check
  • Drought – Check
  • Record High Temps – Check
  • Hurricane Force Straight Winds – Check

Bring On 2012

But all is well with the Loony Lawyer.  The only damage I had from the quake was that my sunglasses that were sitting on the seat of my motorcycle fell off and got a small scratch.  But fear not, I will recover from this, will replace the $4 pair of sunglasse, and live to fight another day.


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