In like a LION… 2015

The end of the year / New Year post is always one of my favorites.  I often forget what has occurred through the year, and this post gives me a chance to go back and review old posts, events, and feelings.

2014 Started with a bang, and is ending with an even bigger bang.  I had a couple of goals for the year, one of which was reached 2 days into the year.  I was offered my first week of work with the Loony Bin here in Tulsa.  More than that, this year I booked 4 weeks of work at professional clubs where I got to work with some great headliners and features.  Definitely improved my resume lines and who I’ve opened for.  In addition to getting some paid work, I put myself out there in competition form as well.  The World Series of Comedy, with a satellite contest in San Antonio was a nice mini vacation in March.  I didn’t progress beyond the 1st round, but I learned SOOO much.  The contest is for Feature work, and as I was just getting started Emceeing, it was not surprising that I didn’t progress any further.

2014 also saw me on the same bill with the likes of Juda Friedlander, Matt Besser, Sarah Tiana, Johnny Pemberton, Josh Fadem, Maronzio Vance, and more at the inaugural Blue Whale Comedy Festival.  Got to spend some quality time with the, now local, former writer for MAD TV and Southpark, Toby Morton, including an absolutely side splitting performance at my very own CR Parsons Variety Show.  Speaking of the variety show, I had one of my scarier moments at one of the variety shows.  Had a sideshow performer by the name of Mr. Crispy, who does sword swallowing, human pin cushion, and much more.  One of the MORE was the bed of nails… which he laid down upon, and proceeded to have ME stand on him.  I thought I was about to murder a friend, but he survived, and the audience went NUTS in part because of my very real expression of concern.

So as you can see I’m dropping bigger names than I have before…  But did you know that I got to do a self-titled comedy tour?  Ok, well really it was just some traveling I was already doing, I just hit open-mic’s everywhere I could along the trip.  But it was good to try my material in different locales and amongst varied audiences.  Got some new material from it as well.  I did, however, become a big enough name around here that I got to be a “very special guest” on a handful of podcasts.  “From a Basement in Tulsa,” “Route 66 Breakdown,” and “Hats Off” to name some specifically (nope, haven’t gotten that call from The Nerdist yet…)

In closing out 2014, let me remind you that this year I have been following what has come to be known as “the Seinfeld Method” for success.  It involves keeping a calendar marked with each day you do something specific to accomplish a goal.  For example, if my goal is to be a better comic writer, it is important to write every day, and each day you do so, you mark on a calendar so when you look back you can see your’ self-progress.  This year my writing calendar is almost completely blacked out, meaning almost every single day of the year I did some type of writing related to comedy, even if just jotting down a note of something that caught my attention.  But I also kept a calendar of performances, which to my astonishment showed that in 2014 I did 140 shows!  That’s almost one every other night.  Not only that but many of those this year were paid shows, so I can solidly consider myself a “working” comic.

Enough of the year in review… let’s look forward.  2015 holds great promise for many things.  I have some legal professional opportunities on the horizon.  Opportunities which I think will not only raise my professional status (and income,) but support my comedy in a direct way.  I have some comedic opportunities, some of which are already on the books, Like OPENING for DAN SODER of MTV’s Guy Code fame, and others which are just in the works.  I will be competing again this year in the World Series of comedy, because I learned so much from that experience last year.  I will be applying to the Blue Whale Comedy Festival, along with other festivals and contests as the info on them becomes available.  In addition to all of that, I am looking for opportunities to work at clubs and colleges across the nation.  So If any of the 3 people that actually read this blog have ANY information on something near you… LET ME KNOW!  Even better, if you think you can get 100 people in a room, I’ll bring some friends and we’ll give you a personal show.

As I have stated before, I do not make New Year’s Resolutions.  Instead I make goals to reach for, and once achieved, I focus on new goals.  Most of my goals for last year were reached, in part thanks to the Seinfeld method, forcing me to keep my eyes on the goals.  So I have a few new one’s this year…  10 weekends of paid club work, better positioning in the Blue Whale Festival, and the big dream would be to have the opportunity to perform for the troops overseas.  I have lots of other things I would like to do… but these are what I am considering the Prizes to be strived for this year.

As always I have a million people to thank for this year of success, which I will NOT name because I would miss more than I would remember at this moment.  HOWEVER there is ONE that I cannot skip thanking, and that is my WONDERFUL Wife Tammy!!!!  She is my rock (along with everyone else’s, I don’t know how she does it…)  She is my partner, cowriter, wall (for bouncing ideas), and occasionally the whip at my ass to get things done.  Without her not only would I not be good at comedy, but at life.  I love you dear, and here’s to 2015!

As for upcoming performances…  Go follow me on FB because I add new shows, often at the drop of a hat and cannot keep this Blog up to date.  However here’s the next week or so…


Jan 2 & 3  7:30 and 10p Loony Bin Tulsa 918.392.JOKE for reservations


Photo Courtesy of Poppy Pie and Hilton Price

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