It has been one week since my last confession…

Greetings again to my fan (Mom) who is still reading these posts…

New video is upcoming soon (and yes I know on this blog soon is a relative term.)  I’ve been working on some new material and am looking to get video of it up before too long.

This last week has been an interesting one.  As mentioned in my last post I performed at The Shrine last Sunday night.  A great venue with a decent crowd, especially considering it was competing with the final Breaking Bad and the local Fair.  Something I didn’t mention last post was that there was a possibility of me getting to be an extra in a commercial shoot for Nestea.  Turns out after I arrived on set the director liked what I brought to the shoot enough to make me a character in the commercial.  It was a long day of shooting but it was fun to be back in front of the camera again.  Big thanks to friend, teacher, and comic Peter Bedgood for that opportunity.

Busy week…  Semi-Finals of the Tulsa Funniest Person competition is Wed of this week at the Tulsa Loony Bin.  Looking at the lineup for my semi-finals it will be some very stiff competition.  I will have to put together the best 5min I have ever done.  Wish me luck.

On a personal note…  I get to fulfill a 30+ year dream this month.  I will be vacationing at the one and only Walt Disney World.  While I wish this were a working vacation and that I had a comedy gig there.  But since they have changed Paradise Island from an adult playground, oh along with the fact that I am not ready to play a Disney anything, that is not the case.  But it should be fun.

This week:

Loony Bin Tulsa – Wed 8p call 918.392.JOKE for reservations and mention me for free admission.

The Bamboo Lounge Tulsa – Thurs 9p

Club Utopia Tulsa – Sat 9p

For more information see my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/clint.r.parsons

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