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Good Evening, (or good morning, good afternoon, or whatever is appropriate for when you read this.)

I promise video is on its way.  I believe I said last time that a promise of video soon on this blog is a relative term.  But I can promise you it is coming, but not this week.

Whew, this last week went by in a whirlwind.  The Tulsa Loony Bin’s competition Semi-Finals were held last Wednesday.  As in years past, the semi’s are judged by a panel, which I prefer to the initial rounds that are audience judged (read popularity contest, or who can bring the most people.)  Unlike years past, rather than just announcing the top 3 that move on to the finals, this year they actually ranked the top 3.  Against an outstanding cast of comedians, I am proud to say that I finished FIRST in this round.  The finals are set for the Wed before Thanksgiving, so anyone in the vicinity, I would love to see you there.  Congratulations to the other two finalists Drew Welcher and Ryan Jones.

Two other shows last week, both went well.  The Bamboo Lounge here in town has a bi-weekly show.  I try to hit it every month or so.  Opened the show, and tried some new material.  Was surprised how much of it worked right out of the box.  Saturday night was the monthly Utopia show wherein I again opened.  Loved the audience, they were attentive, enthusiastic, and while a bit vocal, were at least respectful for the most part.  Big props for the promoters for both of those shows, Billy Bazar and Heath Andrews respectively.

This week is a quiet comedy week due to a trip scheduled to “The Happiest Place on Earth,” aka Disney World.  I know what some of you are saying to yourselves, that I shouldn’t post that I’m going to be out of town lest someone decide to take advantage of my absence a relieve me of my belongings.  Well fear not my fan(s) (i’m being hopeful that I might have picked up one…)  My son will be at the house all week, and he is a bigger gun fanatic than I am, and has an itchier trigger finger too.  So I know the homestead will be well protected.  The sad part of the timing of my trip is that I will have to miss one of my favorite touring comedians this week at the Loony Bin Tulsa, Alex Reymundo.  An amazing comedian, who every time I have met him has been nothing but friendly and encouraging.  Something that unfortunately cannot be said about all touring headliners.

This Week:

Vacation from comedy to see WDW


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