Save your work…

Well, I lost at least part of 6mo worth of comedy work yesterday. I carry a book with me everywhere I go to jot notes, thoughts, etc… into. Well Sunday night I carried the book into the movie theater, and managed to walk out without it. So there went all my note cards with pre-written jokes, most of which can be recreated because I have video of my sets. However, it also includes lots of notes and incomeplete ideas which I will never remember that I had noted, because that is why I note them.
While this is irritating, what is even more frustrating is that I know that it had to be an employee of the theater that found the book (a nice leather bound thing.) I know this because we were at the last showing in that theater for the night, and we were some of the last people to leave the theater. So, apparently an employee found it and: 1) decided they liked it enough to just keep it. 2) took the money out of it and threw it away to cover up the theft not realizing that what was in it was SO much more important to me than the money. Or my personal hope 3) put it away somewhere safe because they realized it was likely important and valuable to someone and just haven’t had a chance to let management know.
Obviously I am hoping and praying that it is the 3rd option. However, at this time, more than 24 hrs later I am not holding my breath. Tonight will be a VERY busy night trying to pull together what I can remember from the book so as to fill my 10 min in the grad show.

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