Sinus Season is Upon Us.

This time of year I become a criminal in several states in this country.  Like many of you I suffer extreme sinus problems in the spring and throughout the warmer seasons.  Because of this I often need sinus medication, and NOTHING works like pseudoephedrine.  The time between knowing I need sinus meds and an inability to stop a sinus infection, for me at least, can be less than 12 hrs.  Unfortunately, thanks to the meth-heads who use it, and “look at me, I’m doing something”s who write laws many states have decided that the drug should be prescription only.  Thus in many states it is unlawful to possess Sudafed without a prescription.  But this time of year I don’t go anywhere without it, but NO I don’t have a prescription for every state I travel through.  So, I’m going to use this bully pulpit to say, making a criminal out of an average citizen who has sinus problem, along with putting the onus of the meth problem on those very backs through additional expenses of Dr. visits, time off work to make Dr. visits and a whole host of other reasons, please encourage any legislator considering similar to not do so, for those of us who NEED this medication.

Now off the soap box…   It has been a quiet month for CR, comedicly speaking.  Not a lot of booked shows, but a few.  Including working again with the Headliner that was kind enough to usher me through my first week of Emcee’ing ever, Todd “T-Rexx” Rexx.  I get to work with him this weekend at the Tulsa Loony Bin.

Next month will be a very different story.  I have two weeks booked with the Loony Bins in Tulsa and Little Rock.  BTW, I know that some of my family in the Arkansas area read this, and I need ALL of you to come out and see me while I’m there.  In addition to those two weeks, I also have the potential of a World Series of Comedy Satellite appearance in Minnesota.   The car is going to get a workout if that is the case.

I continue to post my On This Day on Facebook and Twitter, if you have not already joined me there please do so by clicking on one of the links provided both above and on my other pages.  Also check out my calendar to see if I’m performing anywhere near you in the future.  If not, let me know who to contact in your area to perform there.


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