So I was at this wedding…

I have to start this post by saying Congratulations Aaron and Adrienne and good luck for a long a happy marriage.

So, I was at this wedding when I saw a guy who looked vaguely familiar.  He donned a 40’s style hat, horn rimmed glasses, and a perfectly quaffed mini handlebar mustache.  Then suddenly I remembered, the grooms uncle is Dan Piraro, comedian and cartoonist of the Bizarro comic strip.  But I maintained my dignity and some modicum of decorum and waited until after I had congratulated the couple before going over and introducing myself.

Dan was very cordial as I explained that I ride motorcycles with his sister and nephew, and that I considered him an inspiration.  He informed me that he rides a fully restored 60’s model BMW, which is a cool bike, and proceeded to pick on me for riding a Harley.  A very personable gentleman, who was very proud of his nephew.

What is funny about this is that I have been a fan of Bizarro comic strip for a good 15+ years.  I knew he was from the Tulsa area, because one strip years ago featured someone in a T.U. gold and blue shirt.  But now that I have begun writing comedy I am even more of a fan than EVER before.  The idea that he manages to get a complete joke; topic, premise, setup, and punchline all into one single comic strip panel.  But above that, the fact that he has been producing truly funny material DAILY for over 20 years.  This man has managed to be consistently funny in a very difficult way for that long, and still pulls out lines that crack me up regularly.

It was an honor to meet you Dan and I am looking forward to the next opportunity to see your stand-up show.

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