Socks to Sit Outside…

September weather in Oklahoma can only be described as “flexible.”  I’ve seen Sept days so hot you wouldn’t want to be out, and days like recently, where I have to put on socks to go sit on the deck.  This September has been both!  Oklahoma, where even the weather is bipolar.

My eldest son got married last weekend.  When they planned an outdoor wedding in Oklahoma, in September, I thought they were idiots.  And up until about a day before, I would have been right.  But no, on their wedding day the clouds gathered, but not to the degree of rain, and the temperature dropped, and it was BEAUTIFUL.  Let me tell you being Father of the Groom is AWESOME compared to being the Father of the Bride, as proven by Steve Martin.  My only jobs at this wedding were to help with the grandkids, and hang out at the open bar.  It was a beautiful wedding too.  The officiant started into her speech with “We enter into marriage with seriousness and contemplation,” and I thought “it’s a good thing she didn’t say soberly, cause I’ve been with the groomsmen all day…”

Again, enough about my personal life, only my mother will care (but she’s the only one who really reads this so…)

Comedy has been good this month, and really busy.  If you remember earlier this year I adopted Seinfeld’s calendar approach to achieving a goal, marking each performance date with the goal of having more days marked than unmarked.  Looking back at August, I had 22 performances, my highest month to date.  September is shaping up similarly.  I have to give a shout out to several comedians I got to work with over the last month.  I worked with Louis Johnson and John Crist at the Loony Bin.  Both were great guys and VERY funny.  If you get a chance to see these guys in your area, go.  Also got to open for the extremely funny Elijah Tindall who was very gracious and gave me several pointers that will be well put to use.  Also to my good friend Dan Fritschie, congratulations on the recording of your first DVD/CD!  Thank you for allowing me to share the stage with you that night.  A great time was had by all (audience included, which is rare with my sets 🙂

I get to fulfill another goal next week.  My first paid road week at a comedy club will be accomplished the 24th – 27th at the Loony Bin Oklahoma City.  So, at this point I am starting to contact clubs in the region.  If any of you (Mom) would like to see me in your area there are two requests I have of you.  First is, tell me where you would like me to play, is there a specific club, or show, let me know who they are.  Second, tell them you want to have me there!  Getting requested buy an customer is something clubs take seriously, and often I need an “in” so if I contact them, and they know my name….  “In.”  But let me say this also, if there is not a club in your area…  Let me know how many people you could help me gather in a room and I can BUILD a show specifically for you potentially.  At this point I have several comedian friends at many levels who I might be able to call on to produce a single night show in your area, so let me know.  (This goes especially out to my Mississippi and Arkansas peeps where I know there are not clubs around every corner.)

Sorry, you guys don’t know this, but I just had to quit typing for about 15 min or so because I felt an earthquake.  Which of course meant I had to take to the US Geological Survey page to see where it was and how big (3.9 you Cali folks don’t laugh.)  Then also to Twitter (@CRParsonsComedy) and FB (CR Parsons Comedian) and see if I was nuts and the only one who felt it… I wasn’t.  Anyway, back to the post at hand.

I may have some news in the near future regarding a podcast… but shhhh don’t tell anyone.


9/21 – Comedy Parlor Tulsa – open mic

9/22 – The Shrine – Comedy Ha Ha

9/24 – Loony Bin OKC 8p call 405-239-HAHA

9/25 – Loony Bin OKC 8p

9/26 – Loony Bin OKC 8p & 10:30p

9/27 – Loony Bin OKC 8p & 10:30p

10/2 – Benefit Show (Private)

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