Some rooms are different, not bad…

Last night I performed at an open mic at a local coffee house.  It felt a bit funny because I was the ONLY comedian slated for the night.  There were singer songwriters, poets, spoken word “artists,” drum circles and all kinds of other talent.  For some reason I was discomforted, and I don’t have any clue why because back in the day I would have been one of those bohemian souls, and would have put myself out there.  Maybe that was the problem, the whole back in the day.  I am a shadow of my former bohemian self, though to some I am still “way out there.”

The crowd was largely silent as I worked through my material.  A few places, where I know hearty laughs come from properly warmed up audiences, I did recieve a few chuckles, and even an outright laugh or two.  It was hard not to think “Oh no, I’m bombing.”  However, whether it was because they were glad I was stopping, or because they truly enjoyed my material I did get a hearty applause in closing.  And afterwards speaking to audience members there was a clear connection with my material, and appreciation of my humor.

All that said, not to pat myself on the back (like I could reach it without blowing out one of these 40yr old shoulders) but rather to get to the point of this entry….   I must work on my audience warm up skills.  I am allowed to have a silent audience when I step up, but by the time I leave the stage they should be whipped up and ready to embrace the next act fully.

Challenge Accepted.

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