Tell my wife I said Hi….

Yes, it is true, my wife is begining to wonder what I look like.  The only time she sees me anymore is on a weekend morning or two.  The last week and a half have been wall to wall comedy.  Open Mic’s at the Gypsy Coffe House and Osage Casino, along with gigs at OSU-Tulsa’s United Way kickoff breakfast, the Spotlight Theater’s olio, and finally at Uncle Roy’s Comedy Survivor.  Every event has its stories, but all were enjoyable.

Gypsy had to have had the largest crowd for an open mic I have seen since begining to attend.  And I personally take some credit for that.  Of the audience of ~30 at least 1/2 were either comedians, or people there to see comedians.  This is very different from previous weeks where the bulk of the audience consisted of “musicians” and “poets” (and yes those are in quotes for a reason.)  But it almost became unbearable even with all the comedy, when a “poet” apparently was upset by peoples general lack of attention to the performers.  He read a poem he had written called “Excuse Me Please” where he whined about the musicians and poets pouring their hearts out and no one listening.  Little did he notice that when the comics were performing no one was paying attention either, unless we got their attention.  Moreover, his poem whined on and on and on, like he was so important to be heard, just because he was there and reading.  One of the comedians followed him, and I was just praying he would get up and say, “today I am going to break with my tradition of telling jokes and read you a poem I just wrote…. Get Over Yourself, You Are Just Not That Important, and by the way Neither Am I”  I was reminded why I quit attending poetry readings years ago.

Another day I will have to relate my experience in a room for 300 with 30 people in attendance (oh and at 7:30 in the morning… why did I think comedy at 7:30 in the morning would be a good idea anyway.)  So too, I will have to relate the night at the Apollo experience from Thurs night at the casino.  Let me just say, heckling apparently IS allowed at the casino.  That was exciting.


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