Thanks for Lunch…

I can hardly believe it has been a full week since I did a luncheon for a bunch of attorneys.   The only nerve tickling issue with this luncheon was that it was for my “day job” employer.  Fortunately 90% of my standard material is not just “clean” but borders on “squeaky clean.”  Now that is not to say that a bunch of attorneys are so stiff backed as to not appreciate colorful material, just that for a professional luncheon, obviously the host wanted something that would not offend anyone.

As cheesy as it may be, I did the guitar comic thing for this particular event.  And while I hate to admit that I didn’t write any music for this show, I will say the two songs I did went over very well.  And, before the comic police get their craw up, I told the audience at the time that I did not write the songs.  The rest of the material was all original.  Ended up doing just over 15min because it was just a luncheon and that was all the host wanted, so as to let people have time to eat, chat and get back to their offices.


Absolutely Wonderful….. Host

Verry Funny………………..Attendee


Are you still practicing law or just doing Comedy?……….Attendee

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