The Long and Winding Road…

The Long and, well, pretty straight Road…


I know, you thought this last post would never come…  And the sad part about that is, it is going to be the biggest letdown because it is just about our marathon drive home.  But fear not, there will be more to come as this is only the end of THIS tour.  Plans are already in the works for weekend runs in range, another longer tour headed West, and more.  If you want The Gentlemen in your area PLEASE say something!  We would love to come to you.  We book everything from clubs and colleges, to bars, business events, fundraisers, and HOLIDAY PARTIES!  Contact the Gentlemen at Booking@CRParsons.com to see when we can be there for your event.

You can’t see, but my hand is raised in admission.  I am the reason the drive home had to be completed in as straight forward and speedy fashion.  As many of you know, ole CR, the Loony Lawyer, still maintains the old day job.  “Come on Law, you know I can’t quit you…”  With a court date looming just over 24 hrs away, with a 16+ hr drive, we headed out as soon as the shows in Summerville were over.

Well, almost.  While I found my southern delicacy, Billy had yet to find the fried chicken skins he was looking for.  We were all spent, energy sapped, but Billy more so than the rest of us.  As I had earlier stated, Summerville is home for him.  So this was a bit of a homecoming, mixed with a class reunion.  Getting to do comedy, his first and only consistent love, in front of former classmates and best of friends was emotional.  Needless to say this emotional swell, combined with not being able to find his skins made for a tense few moments.

I took the first leg of the trip.  The plan had been to switch off drivers about every 300miles or so to keep anyone from having to stay awake for hours on end.  But, once the show high wore off, both of the other Gentlemen were out like lights.  This is where my planning and stocking up on 5hr energy drinks came in handy.

By the time we hit Atlanta we were needing fuel and I have to say it was a big boost to me to see QT’s there.  It is like returning to the civilized world after having been in a third world country.  If you do not have QT’s in your area, let me tell you what you are missing.  Big beautiful stores with anything you would want on a roadtrip.  Very consistent drinks anywhere in the country.  CLEAN BATHROOMS and fuel I have NEVER had a problem running in ANY vehicle.  I know it sounds like an ad for them, but when you grew up in Tulsa where they are ubiquitous, you REALLY miss them when you are away.

It was about that stop that Billy woke up and began what would be the first of MANY hours of reminiscing over the week.  Long Facebook posts gushing about the tour followed.  By Birmingham I was getting tired and gave up the wheel.  I crashed so hard, I couldn’t tell you what happened until almost Little Rock.  I know we stopped somewhere in MS because there was Bulldog stuff all over the store, and I got on to whomever was driving for picking that place to stop.  But when fuel is needed, any dog will do.

By the time I roused, around Little Rock, all three of us were in full reminisce mode.  I had stated before the trip began that at the end of this tour we would either have a distaste for each other to the point we only spoke at shows we happened to be on at the same time, or we would return brothers in arms and The Distinguished Gentlemen would live on.  I can say with the clarity of distance THE DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMEN are here to stay.

Seven states, Eight performances, Three Thousand plus miles, The Distinguished Gentlemen’s Comedy Tour Fall 2015 will live in my memory as one of the best times I have had doing comedy.  When it was about the road, the audiences, the comedy, the comradery, and the thrill of the chase.  Thank you Joplin, Fayetteville, Memphis, Oxford, Birmingham, Raleigh, and Charleston for having us, and look forward to seeing more of you in the near future.  (Wow, I’m such a puss, even while writing this a month and a half later I’m still getting verklempt.)

Lots happening with me in the NEAR future… here are some dates and spots…

Oct. 30 – Nov. 1

Aki Con Seattle Washington – Con-Comedians featuring:

Uncle Gary, Sean Stanley, Landry Miller and CR Parsons

Nov. 6

Bentonville Big Comedy Night! – Benefiting Bit Brothers Big Sisters

Nov. 7

PTSD Stand Up Veterans Benefit – Tulsa OK

Nov. 11-14

Loony Bin Oklahoma City OK w/ Feature Matt Golightly, Headliner Tony Tone

Nov. 20

Comedy in the Squared Circle – Bazar Entertainment Tulsa OK



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