The Road Begins In Earnest…

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The Road Begins In Earnest…

Well, it would have…  The day did not kick off early with the road trip as planned.  Rather, we receive news that our venue for the evening was without sound system.  Did this mean we would not be able to perform?  Of course not.  The word went out on the old Facebooks and another comedian immediately came to our rescue.  A hearty thank you and we owe you goes to Landry Miller, who is now officially an honorary Gentlemen.  He provided us with a system that was VERY space efficient, but very powerful, and that he could do without for the entire week so we didn’t have to double back.

2015-09-21 18.59.23So after a couple of quick stops to get the Gentlemen gathered along with the needed equipment, we settled into what would be home for the next 7 days.  I took the wheel, as I did much of the trip.  Supposedly because this was a route with which I was intimately familiar, but more because of my control freak tendencies.

The drive to Fayetteville was uneventful.  As we pulled into Fayetteville I felt a bit off kilter, as there were si
gns everywhere “Bikers Welcome.”  Yes, it was the beginning of Bikes Blues and BBQ festival week.  For those not familiar, BBBQ in Fayetteville is one of the largest biker rallies in the nation.  Imagine over half a million bikers gathering in a town of less than 100k.  It felt weird to me because I was driving down streets that I NEVER get to travel at sp eed.

2015-09-21 18.34.48Our location was Morano’s on Razorback Rd.  As soon as I looked on maps, I realized that I should have known EXACTLY where this place was.  Less than a block from the baseball field parking lot, I have driven by this place MANY times, but usually at a stop and go pace, all while watching the temp gauge on an air cooled bike.

If you are in Fayetteville and have not been to Morano’s, let me say Adam has put together a great open bar with lots of pool tables, lots of real dart boards, and a pretty good beer selection.  It was a great venue, and we appreciated the respect shown to the comics by shutting down the pool while we were onstage.  Like I have said before one of the markers of this tour was small but energetic audiences, and this was no exception.  I can say, for me, they were great.  One audience member in particular was extremely useful in judging material, because the funnier he thought it was, the further back his head went when he laughed.

Billy got the thrill of closing this particular show. I was first up of the Gentlemen, Ryan had the rocking chair, and he hit it out of the park.  That college age crowd connected extremely well with his sense of humor.  However, we did have one audience member both he and Billy picked on because he would not look at the stage.  What they didn’t see, that I did, was that the guy had an injured leg.  Sitting at the table as he was, it would have been uncomfortable for him to face the stage.  He laughed to his friends every time they mentioned him.

2015-09-22 00.33.01I have to commend our emcee for this show, Ms. Desiree Newton, who did an amazing job.  Set up the show for us to knock it down.  I also have to thank our other opener Brendal Rector, who not only did a great job opening, but was kind enough to open his house to us for the evenings rest.  There I learned that Ryan loves puppies…  I tried to get a picture of him sitting in the floor in a puddle of puppies, but every time I did, the puppies would just look up at me.

2015-09-21 22.56.55As many times as I have been in this town, we found a place to eat at midnight on a Monday that I had never been to.  Shout out to Lucy’s Diner, where the food was good, the pie was better (thanks), and we had a laugh with the sugar shaker.

I know, these seem to be getting longer… well keep reading we are only 380 miles of 3k + and 2 states of 7 so far.  I haven’t even mentioned the snoring, smoking, Watchmen posts, or music choices yet.


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