The Silver Lining….

No, my book was never found nor turned in. But I think this black cloud truely has a silver lining. While my book contained much of my comic notes, it also contained many weak jokes, and poorly though out ideas. The better material I believe I have largely remembered, and thanks to WolfHall Productions I have video of many of my sets. Additionally, this has caused me to go into a writing frenzy, since I have 10 min to cover at the Grad Show this Sunday.

Open mic last night was my first chance to try out some of that new material. Afterwords I was almost glad I lost the book. The newer material is definately the work of a more experienced comic writer (which isn’t saying much considering I will still be wet behind the ears for a few years now.) So I think the loss of that book has forced me to become a better comic.

Video of both last night’s open mic and Sunday’s Grad show should be available soon.

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