The World Series Approaches…

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As shocking as it may sound to those who know my athletic prowess, or lack thereof, I am in the World Series, of Comedy that is.  #WSOC

I mentioned this in my last post, but since that time I have been bumped up from the Wildcard round to Round 2.  I will be performing on Thursday night at 8:30p at the RiverCenter Comedy Club.  If you happen to be in the area CLICK HERE for information on tickets.  Thrilled to be competing in my round with CJ Starr, Sam Demaris, and others, as well as with Stan Silliman and Dan Fritschie in other rounds.

I’m trying to keep up to date with social media so I have created a separate Facebook page and Twitter page just for my comedy communication.  If you have not already please use the links above to connect with me there as well.  I am MUCH better about keeping those outlets updated as to performances and day to day actions than I am about blogging regularly.  Also for the 4 of you that actually read this blog, please share my twitter and FB to other friends.  And finally, with regard to contact, I have moved to a new Fan Book for this page, so please follow the link above and put in your information for me.  That way I can contact you when I update, or if I’m gonna be performing in your area.

I had some new cards made, and some T-shirts, yall will have to give me your thoughts.

2014-03-13 21.28.47

Not alot coming up this week, I’m spending most of it in prep for the WSOC on Thurs.  But I do have Lucky 13 Tavern on Sunday night….

Thanks for following along on this journey with me.


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