The year February Flew….

Well, to say that February got away from me would be the understatement of the year. Now with the year being so young and all, that might not sound too bad, but wow, where did it go.

As I reported in my last post I was just a week away from sailing out on the crystal Caribbean. As I mentioned before there was a “comedy club” onboard, and I was hoping to get some international stage time. However, I found that it was not as much of a club in itself, but a backdrop to the stage in one of the larger lounges onboard. They had 2 comedians the first half of the trip, and 2 more the second half. Comedians did about 45min shows with no opener’s. Oh, but the shows were so popular the only way to get a decent seat was to sit through a previous show in crappy seats and wait for the next show to start. And while they had karaoke somewhere on the ship about 20 of every 24hrs, there was no open mic for comedy. Needless to say I didn’t get any comedy stage time there.

However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t get my share of stage time. I did karaoke “live,” which meant that they had a live band playing the music, which was fun. I also auditioned for the “Legends” show the final night, where I portrayed Neil Diamond singing Sweet Caroline.

The stops along the cruise were amazing. Jamaica, at least the area we were in, was so underdeveloped it felt like going to the moon compared to the amenities we are used to here. The group I was with opted to eat cheap that stop and had Burger King. My wife and I ate for just under $1000.00. The Jamaican exchange rate is just silly, and the fact that they call their currency dollars makes it that much funnier.

Grand Cayman was just calling my name. If I ever decided to just chuck it and go live on an island somewhere, that one definitely is in the running. Then it was off to Cozumel, and if you know Mexican party cities, then you know Cozumel. Next time there I am definitely renting a motorcycle and cruising around the less touristy parts of the island.

But enough about my trip, lets talk about the comedy since I have returned. Opportunity after opportunity have popped up. If you are a regular reader (at least as regularly as I post,) then you know that upon my return I had a paid gig opening for Cheryl Vendetti at a club here in town. I don’t know if I mentioned it but she was filming for a TV show that night. It was great. Several friends came out, and I made a great connection that might turn into work for the future.

Additionally, one of my comic friends, you know the type, who knows EVERYONE, managed to get us a booking at a bar/restaurant here in town. So I had the hosting duties at the first Blue Monday Comedy Showcase at the famous Blue Rose Cafe here in Tulsa. This place is known for having some of the best local bands come through and huge crowds as the weather warms since it sits right on the river. We had 8 comics and did about 2hrs, which was about a half hour longer than it should have gone. Next time we will shave a comic or two. This was to be a paying gig, however we wanted to create a relationship with this place, and so we offered to do this first one for free, to make sure the venue liked having comics since it is very different from a band, and then future shows will be paid gigs.

I had mentioned Brews & Bytes, a coffee house in Sapulpa that does a family friendly show on Friday nights. Just before I hit the water, I was the headline comedian the Friday before I left. That venue has become something good, however I make it a point to do it only every 2-3 weeks rather than weekly so I don’t burn out the audience. This last week I was asked to host the show there as well.

I’m still doing the open mic nights at the local comedy club, The Loony Bin. I thought there was a chance I was going to get to emcee, the emcee had a death in the family and didn’t make it in. I was hoping that would be my opportunity, unfortunately I didn’t get the call. So I still have my fingers crossed for that to happen before too long.

We did book another paid gig, coming up this month. Open Stage Tulsa is hosting shows at The Crystal Pistol, and were looking for bands that could cover the entire night. Knowing that my comigos (there are three of us that started about the same time and have a tendency to work together alot, so we are called the comigos,) and I could not fill an entire night I got with the promoter and found out that he had a comic music duo that also couldn’t fill a night but wanted to do a show. So he booked us together. March 22, it will be the comigos along with Origami Shotgun at the Crystal Pistol (which is right next door to the famous Cain’s Ballroom, home of the western swing, fyi.)

The day job is changing as well, which I think has made the time fly buy even faster than usual, but I’ll tell y’all about that another time.


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