Viva Las Vegas…

Before we land in Vegas, let me give you a little background…

Almost a lifetime ago I found myself in radio.  Worked at several stations around the Tulsa area, from country to christian and everything in between.  But by far my favorite was working an overnight show at a station that played “Christian Rock.”  I was the station character, Kilroy.  I was known for doing strange things, like skydiving into Dallas stadium during the Super Bowl, (not really but on radio it sounded like it, oh, and while Dallas was in the Super Bowl, the game was not being played there, thus increasing the sillyness of the joke.)

One of the radio guys we worked with and hung out with was Gary Thompson.  Gary was a real radio professional, and has had the typical “town to town, up and down the dial,” career path.  Now he finds himself in Las Vegas.

Now with that background, I got a Facebook message from Gary the other day.  He let me know that he too had started doing stand-up, not knowing that I had done so as well.  He has only had 2 stage experiences, but he seems to be enjoying it.  Since I am such a “seasoned professional” (where is my tongue in cheek font when I need it,) Gary asked me to tell him about my experiences.  He used my response as a feature in his blog about getting started in stand-up.

Gary’s blog is worth reading, especially considering he writes with so much more flair than I do.  Go check it out at:  http://gettingstartedinstandup.wordpress.com/


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